Yongjing Wang
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Creating applied robots for future productivity and sustainability

Announcements and news


New PhD scholarship available here: https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/phd-scholarship-in-data-science-and-robotics/?p173104


Many Congratulations to Ms Farzaneh Goli on having her paper titled “Disassembly of Rectangle Peg-Hole Structures through Compliance Strategy and Reinforcement Learning” accepted by the 2024 IEEE 20th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE)!


Our team will lead a theme in the newly announced £34.6M EPSRC automation hub for sustainable manufacturing. Look forward to working with all internal and external partners in this exciting initiative!


Our team was recently awarded a new project ‘Robotic Triage for Value Retention in a CircularEconomy (RoboTriage)’

This £2.3M collaborative project (£1.5M from the EPSRC and £800k from the partnering institutions and industrial supporters) involves the Univesity of Birmingham, Cranfield University and the Manufacturing Technology Centre. This project will create and develop robotic systems that can perform circularity triage by capturing the health condition data of used products, allowing for a swift evaluation of product conditions so as to group products of similar conditions, avoid mixed waste streams and recommend the highest-value CE options. 

This project is supported by world-leading companies including TOSHIBA, Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson, Ocado Technology and Ford, as well as two United Nations organisations: ITU and UNESCO. 

Project details and vacancies will be released in due course.


Big congratulations to Dr Feiying Lan on his paper ‘The SVD-enhanced bees algorithm, a novel procedure for point cloud registration‘ being published by Swarm and Evolutionary Computation!

Big congratulations to Farzaneh Goli on her paper ‘Disassembly of Rectangle Peg-Hole Structures Through Compliance Strategy and Reinforcement Learning’ being accepted by the IEEE CASE 2024!