Yongjing Wang

Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, University of Birmingham (UoB)

Bio: Yongjing (Yong-Jing or YJ) received BEng (Automation Science and Engineering) from Harbin Institute of Technology, and BEng (1st in Electronic and Electrical Engineering) from UoB.  He went on to complete a PhD in self-healing composite materials at UoB. After Postdoctoral research at Birmingham in the area of robotic disassembly, he joined the School of Engineering, UoB in 2020 as an memebr of academic staff. YJ is a member of IET, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of HEA.

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Mo Qu

Lead Researcher (Research Fellow)

Bio: Mo received the Master of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering
from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, U.K., in 2017, where he is
currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with the School of Engineering. His
research interests include robotics and automation, sustainable manufacturing,
machine learning and optimisation.

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Adib Housaini 

PhD Researcher

Bio:  TBC

Farzaneh Goli 

PhD researcher

Bio: Farzaneh Goli is a Ph.D. Student at the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Birmingham. She received her Bachelor of Science in Robotic Engineering and Master of Science in Mechatronic Engineering from Islamic Azad University in Iran, in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Her master thesis was about “Design of an eight-bar exoskeleton mechanism for knee joint”. She is a member of ASME. Also, her research interests include robotics, Deep Learning, and Rehabilitation.

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Yue Zang

PhD researcher

Bio: Yue Zang is PhD student in Mechanical Engineering under the supervisor of Dr. Yongjing Wang. He has recently been focusing on robotic disassembly of electric vehicle batteries and is funded by a scholarship from the School of Engineering. Prior to arriving at UoB, Yue complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from Wuhan University of Technology, where he focus on the development of CNC straightening equipment and steel structures welding robots.

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Anselmo Parnada 

PhD Researcher

Bio:  Anselmo is a returning student at the University of Birmingahm having
completed his MEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2020. Between his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Anselmo built up experience as a Data Scientist who helped developed deep learning-enabled proof of concepts in the domains of Autonomous Vehicles and Ergonomics. His research interests include Cognitive Robotics, Deep Reinforcement Learning and Self-Supervised Learning.

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Chaozhi Liang

PhD Researcher, Design and development engineer / Product development lead

Bio: Chaozhi is a Ph.D. student researching about robot-based remanufacturing of electric motor. He got Bachelor of Automotive Engineering (1st honour) at Coventry University in 2018 and Master of Mechanical Engineering (with Distinction) at the University of Birmingham in 2019. He has 3-year working experience in the biggest robotic construction company in China, familiar with mechanical design, robotic design, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and automation of silicone iron sheet cutting and welding.

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Ashwin Gomes

Honorary senior research fellow

Bio:  TBC

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Xiaoguo Lin

PhD researcher

Bio: Xiaoguo Lin is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, supervised by Dr. Yongjing Wang. In 2023, he received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from both the University of Birmingham and Wuhan University of Technology. Achieving the highest overall score in his final year at Birmingham, he began his PhD studies there in the same year. His research interests span robotics, force control, machine learning, and optimization.

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Faraj Altumi

PhD Researcher, Technical officer

Bio: I am a PhD student researching about Autonomous Remanufacturing of an EV Battery Robotic Disassembly. I got a Master of Electronics Engineering at the University of South Wales in 2017. I got a First degree in Auto Control Systems in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at The Higher Institute for Sciences & Technology, in Libya. I am familiar with Control Systems, Robot Programming, Robot Communication, and Vision Systems.

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Adeyemisi (Yemisi) Gbadebo

PhD Researcher, System integration Engineer

Bio: Yemisi is a PhD researcher at the University of Birmingham, specializing in Autonomous Remanufacturing. With a MSC in Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems and BSC degrees in Combined Engineering and Electronic/Electrical Engineering, he has a strong background in engineering. Passionate about robotics, some of his interests are in control systems, robot programming, and image processing.

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